Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Pregnancy. 5 tips.

During pregnancy, swelling and fluid retention can increase pressure on the carpal tunnel, compressing the nerve. These 5 tips can help you relieve pain and numbness.

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Tip 1: Keep your hands in a neutral position in bed.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome during your pregnancy, then this is the first and perhaps the most important tip. You may notice that you often buckle your hands at the wrists when you sleep. Try avoiding this and keep your hands and wrists outstretched. Just being able to get your hands into a neutral position while you sleep can reduce the pain caused by the narrowing of the carpal tunnel.

Tip 2: Try to avoid sleeping on your hands.

Many people find it comfortable to sleep on their hands, maybe you feel the same way. However, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome during your pregnancy, then lying on your hands will make your symptoms worse. Instead, try to keep your hands at your sides. You can also put them under the pillow, but avoid resting your head on your hands while you sleep. It's not that easy, but it's worth the try.

Tip 3: Support your hands and wrists with a pillow at night.

A little trick will help you: put a small pillow under the affected hand. This will help keep them in a neutral position while you sleep. Some people find it helpful to place their hands between the pillowcase and the pillow to maintain a neutral hand position.

Tip 4: Sleep better on your side than on your back.

Pregnant women usually sleep on their sides. This is also the most beneficial position for the baby as it promotes blood flow. Lying on your back, your uterus is pressing on your spine, which in turn can put pressure on your blood vessels. This pressure can also make carpal tunnel syndrome worse. In any case, try to sleep on your side.

Tip 5: Actively stretch your carpal tunnel with curpal®.

Of course, as a pregnant woman, you definitely want to avoid carpal tunnel surgery. That's a good thing, because the symptoms usually go away on their own after pregnancy. But you don't have to endure the pain. Because with curpal® you can actively stretch and relieve your carpal tunnel. In most cases, this quickly helps to relieve the pain. And the good thing about it: The use of curpal® has no side effects.

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