Does the health insurance company cover the costs of curpal?

karpaltunnelsyndrom behandlung curpal


Until now, the only option for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome was surgery. This is different now. With curpal® you can treat carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery and without using a wrist splint. What customers want to know more and more often: Does health insurance cover the costs for curpal®?

What is important to know about these questions is: curpal® is a cuff for widening the carpal tunnel, but is not considered a therapeutic device, but rather the device offers symptomatic treatment.

In contrast to the splint prescribed by the doctor, which is intended to stabilize the hand at night and which also offers symptomatic treatment, when using curpal® the carpal tunnel is actively relieved by stretching the hand and applying pressure on the back of the hand .

The classic indication for carpal tunnel syndrome is surgery. However, treatment with curpal® can make an operation unnecessary. We hear that again and again from our customers. That's why we're always asked why health insurance companies don't routinely cover the costs for the device.

Although curpal® has a medical approval, it is not yet listed as an aid in the catalog for reimbursable products. This is exactly the reason why the acquisition costs of the device are not routinely covered by health insurance.

However, we recommend that you always ask your own health insurance company. Here are more frequently asked questions.

carpal tunnel syndrome
Does the health insurance company cover the costs of curpal?

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