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curpal® - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is curpal® an alternative to surgery?

The classic indication for carpal tunnel syndrome is surgery. Treatment with curpal® can make an operation unnecessary.

Does treatment with curpal® have any side effects?

Treatment with curpal® has no side effects. If necessary, you can use curpal® in consultation with a doctor treating you. This is especially true for people with osteoporosis.

Does the health insurance company cover the costs for curpal®

Although curpal® has a medical approval, it is not yet listed as an aid in the catalog for reimbursable products. For this reason, the acquisition costs of the device are not routinely covered by health insurance companies. However, we recommend that you always ask your own health insurance company.

How should curpal® be used?

curpal® should initially be used approx. 3 x 3 x 3 times a day for 6 to 8 weeks: You take curpal® three times a day and inflate the device three times with each use and allow the stretching to take effect for three minutes each time. The symptoms often subside significantly within the first 3-6 weeks, so that the treatment can then be reduced. After about 8 weeks, treatment with curpal® is required either as a preventive measure or only after the pain symptoms have returned. The effort required to use curpal® is low, 3 x 3 minutes per application are sufficient.

Are there studies that have examined the effectiveness of curpal®?

curpal® is one of the so-called manual therapies. A prospective randomized study comes to the conclusion that manual therapy, which also includes the use of curpal®, is just as effective as surgery. The study compared the effects of a surgical procedure with weekly manual therapies.

In the study, 50 of the 100 participants underwent surgery. All had pain and sensory disturbances in the supply area of the median nerve for at least 6 months. According to the study, after 3 months, the manually treated patients even reported a lower level of pain than the operated patients. The results of this study are consistent with the feedback from our patients.

click on this link, if you want to look at the study that was published in the German Medical Journal.

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